Best Indoor/Outdoor Bars in Downtown Manhattan

April 1st, 2017

There are many important factors when it comes to what makes a great bar. Having both indoor and outdoor space is at the top of our list when selecting a bar to hang out at. As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the best indoor/outdoor bars.  Places where you can stand outside and enjoy the breeze with a drink in your hand, and then heading inside to the dance floor to warm up when it gets a little chilly. You know the theory that you can only find happiness if you’ve known sadness? Well the better theory is you can only enjoy the indoor section of a bar once you’ve been to the outdoor section. That’s why we are sharing with you some of our favorite indoor/outdoor bars.

Pier A

PierA Downtown NYC Indoor Outdoor Bar


The outdoor promenade at Pier A Harbor House is one of the most beautiful spots in Manhattan, and the perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching the sun set over the Hudson River. No denying the promenade is the highlight, but Pier A is a 28,000-square foot complex made up of multiple outdoor and indoor sections. On a cloudy day you are going to have to settle for the gigantic and elegant indoor dining area or the intricate cocktail bar.

Brookfield Place (PJ Clarke’s and Beaubourg)

Brookfield Place Downtown NYC Indoor Outdoor Bars & Restaurants


Yes, technically PJ Clarke’s and Beaubourg are restaurants, but one can enjoy a drink on their outdoor terraces without ordering food. That’s good enough for us to add it to our list. Another factor that makes a great bar is great food. There is no contesting the grub at PJ Clarke’s and Beaubourg (try the whiskey bread pudding at PJ Clarke’s, it’s our favorite). Both spots, similar to Pier A, are exceptionally beautiful at sunset as they overlook the Hudson River.

Watermark Bar

Watermark Downtown NYC Indoor Outdoor Bar


Perched on the double level Pier 15 overlooking the East River, Watermark Bar is a fantastic modern cocktail bar with prime views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the lower Manhattan skyline. The 10,000 square foot venue also hosts live music, serves great food, and is a great spot to host a corporate event.

Conrad Hotel (Atrio & Loopy Doopy)

Conrad Hotel Downtown NYC

The Conrad Hotel has two bars inside of it; one indoor and one outdoor, which when visited together make the perfect combination. Atrio Wine Bar & Restaurant, the indoor bar, is located in the lobby, and Loopy Doopy, the outdoor bar, is located on the rooftop. Start your night at Atrio with a Mediterranean dish and glass of wine, and end it at Loopy Doopy Bar as you gaze out over the Hudson River.

Stone Street

stone street

Not only is Stone Street one of the oldest and most historic places in Manhattan, it’s also one of the most fun places in Manhattan. Stone Street is made up of a handful of old-school bars and restaurants that line a cobblestone street that contains rows of tables for the public. Grab a beer at the Stone Street Tavern or Mad Dog. If the weather is nice, find a table and enjoy some of the friendliest New Yorkers you’ll ever meet.

The Delancey


The Delancey is a three level club that has everything party-goers could ever want. Looking for great music and a place to let loose and dance?  Head to the first floor which features a DJ and a bumping dance floor. More in the mood for lounging?  The second floor contains an intimate main level bar with comfy seating.  Ready for some fresh air and great views?  The third floor featuring a  rooftop garden area is the place for you! There’s no denying The Delancey has something for everyone.

El Vez

el vez downtown NYC indoor outdoor eating

Another restaurant bar with an outdoor patio, El Vez has an awesome atmosphere and drink selection (and don’t leave without ordering the Rayo De Jalisco Guacamole that has pomegranates, blood orange, a queso fresco). Serving up margaritas, sangrias, and tequila drinks, El Vez is the go to place for a Mexican style cocktail. Don’t expect a party, but then again you never know when the tequila gets flowing!

City Winery at Pier 26

City Winery Downtown NYC

City Winery has a location on Varick Street, but its City Vineyard location has the indoor/outdoor combination. On a beautiful night, enjoy the stunning waterfront and rooftop deck sections, and on a gloomy day enjoy the rustic indoor setting as you sip a top notch glass of wine.

Hotel Rivington


Hotel Rivington is a modern masterpiece. The S’Zen Lounge on the second floor features a first class cocktail bar, but the Penthouse is the main feature. Penthouse on Rivington was voted Best Event Space in 2016 by and for good reason. The stunning 3,500 square foot penthouse provides picturesque panoramic views of Manhattan from indoors and outdoors, and even though it’s technically a private event space, this space is one of the must-try spots in Manhattan.