How to Plan for Graduation Weekend in NYC

May 10th, 2017

Graduation weekend is fast approaching, which means many accomplished students will be making the infamous walk across the stage. Proud parents will be crying in the crowd, taking pictures, and doing other embarrassing things that parents do. It truly is a special time for all those involved, but it can also be a rough weekend if you aren’t careful. Parents are going to want to spend all day with you touring campus and the most overbearing of the parents might even suggest setting up camp in your room. That’s why you need to plan; to make sure that doesn’t happen and you can keep some freedom while also showing your parents a good time. Graduation parties are the best parties, and we don’t want to see you miss out. To get you started, here is our graduation planning checklist and some tips to go along with it.


Graduation Planning Checklist:

A Hotel for Your Parents:

As previously stated, finding a hotel for your parents needs to be a priority. Unless you are looking forward to spending 24/7 with them, a separate living quarters is essential. The perfect location is somewhere close enough to be walking distance for you during the day, but far enough to keep them away from you at night. We suggest recommending a nice hotel to your parents such as 70 Pine’s Q&A Hotel if you want to keep them occupied away from you longer.

Q&A hotel at 70 Pine Street in downtown nyc


Day Activities/Restaurants

Showing your parents your favorite places around campus is what the weekend is all about. Many students miss their parents and want to spend quality time with them, so it’s important to plan a fun day. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Make a reservation. Do you have a favorite show or event that you like going to? Buy tickets in advance. If you aren’t looking forward to quality time with your parents, make plans with your friends and their parents. At dinner the graduates can sit on one side of the table and the parents at the other, and everyone will be happy. For places to go, you can’t go wrong with the Piers. Pier 25 is a perfect for a sunny day, offering mini golf and beach volleyball. Pier A is great during sunset for a drink and bite to eat.

pier A entrance downtown NYC

For Brooklyn enthusiasts, Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn Museum, and Brooklyn Heights Promenade are all good options.

Smorgasburg Brooklyn


Brooklyn Museum NYC

Brooklyn Heights Promenade in NYC - great views


Moving Preparation

Parents are great for helping you with your responsibilities. Assuming you aren’t going to remain at the same location after graduating, you need to plan your move. Friends will tell you that you can figure out all that stuff later, which is why your parents will come in handy here. Parents are great for aiding you in boxing your stuff, moving your stuff, and finding a post-graduation apartment for your stuff. A lot of planning for your stuff! For apartments available now click here. For some help deciphering real estate jargon click here for a guide to common terminology.


Make Sure You Are Graduating!

Being able to walk across the stage and receive your graduation diploma is the purpose of the weekend. Make sure you see your advisor and confirm that there isn’t anything from stopping you from doing so. The last thing you want is to receive the look from your parents after you tell them you won’t be graduating because of so and so reason. Also remember to pick up your cap and gown!

Congratulations to all graduates!

Congrats to All NYC Grads